Kantara Movie Honest Review (2022) | Kantara Movie Story


Have you seen kantara movie produced by Hombale Movies produced by KGF?

Kantara Movie (2022):

The film has become a standard phenomenon in Kannada cinema. After KGF, foreign language Indian cinema fans have started watching Kannada cinema again, this film has further raised the standard of Kannada cinema.

Kantara Movie Story (2022):

The story begins with a buffalo race in Kampala. This movie presents the life of the hill dwellers in front of the eyes by feasting the eyes on the Panchuruli deity of the hill dwellers in the story with threatening scenes.

The story begins in 1847. The king of that area donates the land to the hill dwellers. At present, the government officials who want to evict the hill dwellers from the forest, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the heirs of the king, who donated the forest, are trying to take over the land again.

Rishab Shetty, the director and protagonist, has shown the real life of the hill people in front of his eyes, how the goddess Panchuruli defeats this attempt. Kishore threat as forest officer.

Kantara Movie Honest Review (2022):

kantara has once again become a hit for Indian cinema as the plot is based on a true incident in the lives of contemporary people.

People who believe in kula deity worship will definitely like the kantara movie. A few scenes are also guaranteed to give you goosebumps. It definitely takes some time to recover from the impact of the film.

It has also deeply planted the social concept of protecting forests. The visuals will not be modern as it is a life story of hill dwellers living in the forests. Picture quality though.

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